Rough Diamonds Cutting and Polishing

Ever seen a rough diamond? This is what they look like before the cutting and polishing process begins. Gem quality diamonds are usually distributed to one of the main cutting and trading centres in Antwerp, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, New York, Johannesburg, China or Thailand. Although some of the polishing process is computerized, most of the work is still performed by hand. Firstly, the cutter uses cleaving, sawing or laser cutting to separate the original rough into smaller, more workable pieces. Then, the girldler uses a process called Bruting, this grinds away the edges of the stone and provides its outline shape. Faceting follows, usually in two steps. The first 18 facets (table, culet, bezel and pavillion of a stone) are cut and polished by the blocker. The brillianteer cuts and polishes the final 40 facets, including the star, upper girdle and lower girdle. Finally, the cut gem is boiled in acids to remove dust and oil. Once polished, the diamonds are ready to be set into finished pieces of jewellery.

Rough Diamonds

Economy Cutting Service

  • Round and Fancy shapes
  • All stones will be cut to a (Very Good Cut)
  • From $190.00 per carat at original weight
  • Minimum charge $90 per stone

Standard Cutting Service

  • All stones will be cut to a fine make (AGS / GS Excellent)
  • Up to 4.99 carats from $210.00 per carat
  • Minimum charge of $100.00 per stone
  • Stones over 5 carats will be priced upon inspection

Premium Cutting Service

  • Premium services is for all round stones.
  • All stones will be cut to a (Ideal / GIA Excellent Cut)
  • From $250.00 per carat at original weight
  • AGS Ideal/GIA Excellent Cut min. charge $120.00 per stone
  • Stones over 5 carats will be priced upon inspection

Fancy Cut Diamonds

  • From $250.00 per carat at its original weight
  • Must be 0.5ct and above at its original weight

Fancy Color Diamonds

  • From $500.00 per carat to $1500.00 per carat
  • Priced upon inspection

Extra Services

  • Facet girdle on all stones is $60.00 per stone
  • Inscription removal is $20.00 per stone
  • 24 Hour Rush Service add 50% to regular pricing
  • Rough Evaluation fee is $40 per stone, minimum 1 carat
* Evaluation fee will go toward the cutting cost of the stone

All rates are in CAD$ and exclude applicable taxes, insurance and shipping costs. Consultation fee is not included in the cost of repairs or re-cutting but is counted towards the cost of services rendered. Service Invoice is due upon delivery and payable by cash, etransfer or check. (Checks will take 5 business days to clear)

Liability Disclaimer:

While every care is taken whilst working on your diamond, the process of diamond cutting does have a risk of breakage or damage during the cutting process. Diamond Kings Toronto will assume no liability for damage incurred during the cutting process.