Fancy Color Diamonds

A fancy color diamond is a stone with an attractive natural body color. They are generally smaller than other diamonds and are used primarily in fashion jewellery. Yellow is the most commonly occurring fancy color, while red and green diamonds are extremely rare.


The main point here is to see how evocative colors could be.

RED: From all colors red has the greatest emotional impact. Red quickens your heart rate and triggers the release of adrenalin into bloodstream. For centuries red has been associated with a lot of different emotions, love, courage, joy, hate, lust, murder and rage. People who love red constantly strive to make their lives happy.

ORANGE: is cheerful, expansive, rich and extrovert. Orange is considered an appetite stimulant. In a working surroundings, orange mantain energy. The common iron compound in the earth's crust is orange, so we generally see a lot of color. People who love orange are usualy social, good-natured, jovial and agreeable.

YELLOW: is the color of the life sustaining sun, and of gold, the symbol of wealth. Yellow is a cheerful, uplifting color. People who love yellow are intellectual and idealists.

GREEN: symbolizes hope and emotional balance, and is associated with stability and security. (most countries print at least one note denomination) People who love green are civil-minded, moral, and sensitive to social custom and etiquette.

BLUE: is the peacemaker, cool and soothing. Blue is the color of deliberation, introspection, responsibility, and conservatism. Blue lovers are honest, reflective but cautious. They get things done through patience and perseverance.

VIOLET AND PURPLE: in the worldly realm purple is associated with sensuality. Purple can be sensuous, showy, the color of power. Violet usually has sentimental, or sympathetic connotations. The person who loves purple should possess a good mind, fine wit, and the ability to observe what others might miss.

PINK: when red changes to pink it softens. Pink is female, gentle and female.