While diamonds are often described as being the hardest natural material on the earth, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be scratched, chipped, or broken. It is possible to break or chip a diamond simply by doing gardening, lifting weights or doing any kind of construction. Breaking or chipping isn’t the only way to damage a diamond. You can damage a diamond with chemicals that cause it to look dull and cloudy or discolor the stone until it is professionally cleaned. Diamonds of certain shapes, such as pear or marquise, are more susceptible to damage. They are weaker at the sharp points that aren’t as contained in the mounting as other shapes. Diamond repair job is usually performed to correct minor damage like nicks, scratches and finishing.

Repair Services include:

  • 24 HOUR Rush service available on most diamonds
  • Round diamond repairs
  • Fancy shape diamond repair (0.5ct & above)
  • Fancy color diamond repair
  • Girdle faceting for extra brilliance
  • Proportion reports
  • Laser inscription removal

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Round Cut

  • Repairs vary from $50 to $150 per carat at its original weight

Fancy Shape

  • Repairs vary from $60 to $120 per carat at its original weight
  • Min. carat weight must be 0.5ct

Fancy Color 

  • Fancy Yellow and Brown Diamonds fall under the same pricing as the Round Cut
  • Other fancy colours are priced upon inspection

Extra Services

  • Facet girdle on all stones is $80.00 per stone
  • Inscription removal is $20.00 per stone
  • 24 Hour Rush Service add 50% to regular pricing
  • *Consultation fee is $25 per stone

* Consultation fee will go toward the cutting cost of the stone

All rates are in CAD$ and exclude applicable taxes, insurance and shipping costs.

Consultation fee is not included in the cost of repairs or re-cutting and is counted towards the cost of services rendered.

Service Invoice is due upon delivery and payable by cash, e-transfer or check. (Checks will take 5 business days to clear)


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Liability Disclaimer:

While every care is taken whilst working on your diamond, the process of diamond cutting does have a risk of breakage or damage during the cutting process. Diamond Kings Toronto will assume no liability for damage incurred during the cutting process.