Diamond Re-cutting

Modernizing Old-Cuts

We provide the service of re-cutting vintage diamond cuts into modern ideal cut specifications. The question often arises as to whether modernizing old-cut diamonds is sensible and worthwhile? It is important to weigh up all the factors which influence positively and negatively the value of the stone before and after re-cutting.

From what size is the modernizing of an old-cut viable?

Modern-cut brilliant should be at least as valuable as the old-cut stone plus the cutting cost. The minimum size for an old-cut brilliant should be at least 1.00 ct. It is only with top quality stones that re-cutting might be advisable for 0.50 ct.

Can color and clarity grades be improved by modernization?

The color of a clumsily proportioned old-cut diamond, when recut to ideal proportions with maximum yield of light and dispersion, can be improved by one to two grades. It might be possible to remove inclusions which are situated in the old-cut near the surface of a high crown, near a pavilion facet or near the girdle, so that the "new" brilliant can also in this way be graded one or two grades higher and thus be evaluated higher.

Is there any risk when re-cutting an old-cut?

Yes, especially if the brilliant shows inclusions in the form of cleavages or fractures which could expand under pressure and temperature during cutting. Even diamonds without these features or with very small inclusions can - albeit in rare cases - develop cracks because of inner tension which can then expand and "blind" the whole stone. 

We will point out all the risks to our customers, as it is the customer who has to bear any loss or damage.

Round Brilliant Cut

Economy Cutting Service

  • Round and Fancy shapes
  • All stones will be cut to a (Very Good Cut)
  • From $190.00 per carat at original weight
  • Minimum charge $90 per stone

Standard Cutting Service

  • All stones will be cut to a fine make (AGS / GS Excellent)
  • Up to 4.99 carats from $210.00 per carat
  • Minimum charge of $100.00 per stone
  • Stones over 5 carats will be priced upon inspection

Premium Cutting Service

  • Premium services is for all round stones.
  • All stones will be cut to a (Ideal / GIA Excellent Cut)
  • From $250.00 per carat at original weight
  • AGS Ideal/GIA Excellent Cut min. charge $120.00 per stone
  • Stones over 5 carats will be priced upon inspection

Fancy Color Diamonds

  • From $500.00 per carat to $1500.00 per carat
  • Priced upon inspection

Extra Services

  • Facet girdle on all stones is $60.00 per stone
  • Inscription removal is $20.00 per stone
  • 24 Hour Rush Service add 50% to regular pricing
  • Consultation fee is $30 per stone

* Consultation fee will go toward the cutting cost of the stone

DIamond Cutting & Re-cutting

All rates are in CAD$ and exclude applicable taxes, insurance and shipping costs. Consultation fee is not included in the cost of repairs or re-cutting but is counted towards the cost of services rendered. Service Invoice is due upon delivery and payable by cash, etransfer or check. (Checks will take 5 business days to clear)

Liability Disclaimer:

While every care is taken whilst working on your diamond, the process of diamond cutting does have a risk of breakage or damage during the cutting process. Diamond Kings Toronto will assume no liability for damage incurred during the cutting process.