The Diamond Certificate

The diamond certificate (also called the diamond report) attests to the quality of the diamond without estimating its value and is usually issued for cut diamonds from 0.47 ct. upwards. The report should indicate clearly that the graded stone is a natural diamond.

The report should include only color, clarity, and cut as well as all identifying data, such as weight, measurement of total height and the smallest and largest girdle diameter, an identity sketch of internal and external features, details of symmetry ratios and any fluorescent properties. Reports for fancy-colored diamonds in which the natural color is confirmed do not in most cases contain any clarity grading, as in such cases this is of secondary importance, and the diamond can be identified by its rare color alone.

Diamond treatments such as laser drilling, fracture filling, etc. must be mentioned, together with any artificial colour changes by irradiation.

The report should include an express confirmation of liability, as otherwise it would be of no value for the customer. It is also advisable to indicate according to which standard the grading has been carried out.

The report should contain a registration number and should end with the date and signature of the grader.