Facet Arrangement Of A Round Brilliant Diamond:

A round brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets, the largest being the table facet. The three sections of the round brilliant cut are: crown, girdle and the pavilion.

The crown consists of 33 facets: 8 star facets, 8 bezel facets and 16 upper girdle facets. 

The crown and pavilion are joined together by the girdle. The girdle can be polished, faceted or frosted.

Depending on whether the culet is faceted, the pavilion has 24 or 25 facets: 8 pavilion main facets and 16 lower girdle facets.


Diamond Cutting & Diamond Repair in Toronto

The rough diamonds that we polish are sourced predominantly from the conflict-free mines and sent to our diamond cutting and polishing factory for analysis. We are committed to working with legitimate diamond sources who share our ethics and zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. 

Conflict-free diamonds refer to diamonds that are mined legitimately and ethically, in areas of the world that are free from violence and civil wars associated with or funded by the sale of diamonds.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme came into effect in year 2000 to stem the flow of rough diamonds used by rebel movements in Africa to finance wars against legitimate governments.

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You are buying diamonds direct from the manufacturer. We treat every client like we do our diamonds, with custom care.

Brilliant Cut

round diamond repair

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape and cut. Their timeless beauty makes them an ideal option for jewellery – from diamond engagement rings to diamond earrings, bracelets and pendants.

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Fancy Cut

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What are the different shapes of diamonds? Here, you are sure to find a diamond shape that suits your taste and style.

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Fancy Color

Fancy color diamond cutting

Exceptionally rare, natural fancy coloured diamonds of all colours can be found in nature – from red (the most rare and valuable) to pink, blue, green, orange, green, yellow and brown.

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The 4 C's of a Diamond

Clarity: Clarity characteristics are classified as inclusions or blemishes. Clarity is the degree to which a diamond is free of blemishes or inclusions.

Color: Grading color is deciding how closely a diamond bodycolor approaches colorless: the less colour the higher the grade, and the value. Fancy colors are graded by tone and saturation: the brighter the color and purer the color, the higher the value.

Cut: Proportions and finish of polished diamonds are cut and make. Cut is the human contribution to a diamond's beauty. Cut could also be the shape of the stone. Cut affects the optical properties of the stone.

Carat Weight: Metric carat is the standard unit of weight for diamond. 0.2 gram = 1 carat. Weight is measured to a thousandth of a carat and rounded to the nearest hundredth (or point). A point is a hundredth of a carat.


At our diamond facility, we cut, polish, repair and re-cut diamonds using the latest technology and equipment. Our technical skills and expertise, as well as our commitment to quality are evident in all our production. We guaranty the highest standards of products and services.

We provide a print-out indicating all diamond specifications and characteristics, such as carat weight, cut, colour, clarity and measurements. All our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) New York or by Gem Scan Laboratories (Toronto)

Are you interested in custom-cut diamonds for your jewelry? Do you want to repair your chipped diamond ring or perhaps re-cut your grandmother's century old diamond to a modern era cut? Call us and schedule an appointment to visit us at our Toronto office.